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The Stazi’s 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen or your pronoun of choice, welcome to the first ever Stazi’s from the team that brings you Chasing Dissent, The Stazi’s 2021 Lets hear it for Benn and John…..

Best MSM News Channel

-Sky News Aus

Worst MSM News Channel

  • BBC

Biggest Liar – foreign and domestic

  • Fauci
  • Neil Ferguson

best dictator

  • Jacinda Adhern

most tyrannical country

  • Austria

least tyrannical country

  • Mexico

biggest sellout

  • Alexander Johnson

best unexpected awakening

  • Shalini 

best leader

  • Ron De Santis & Greg Abbot, Andreas Manuel Lopez 

worst leader

  • Mark Drakeford

best journalist 

  • Benn , Dissent Media

worst journalist 

  • Chris Cumo

best media commentator

  • Neil Oliver

Best Shill

  • Dr Hilary Jones

best distraction

  • Petrol Shortage

most believable science advisor

  • Dr Robert Malone

least believable science advisor

  • Neil Ferguson

most stupid restriction

  • Blanket Exemption Singing in Public

most annoying non elected pest

  • Dr Julie Grace-Paterson

Peoples Choice

  • Tony Blair

Best Vax Coercion

  • Austria

worst company to work for

  • Pimlico Plumbers

Biggest Country backtrack

  • Italy

Worst supporting Service

  • NHS

Sportsman of the Year

  • Novac Jokovic

Bed Wetter of the year

  • Benjamin Butterworth

Killer of the Year

  • Pzifer

Prick of the year

  • Savid Javid

Cunt of the year

  • Michael Gunner 

Hero of the Year

  • You, the audience

Biggest Positive influence

  • Latimer Alder
  • The Chat

Stazi of the Year

  • Bojo, Joe Biden, Tony Blair  
Chasing Dissent
Chasing Dissent
The Stazi's 2021
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