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Never in the field of Human Conflict

Episode 64 of a collaboration between Chasing Liberty and Dissent Media, John is back in the Chasing Liberty van in France, Benn is in England

John and Benn take an irreverent look at current events, Benn talks sense, John drinks and knows things, Back on form we have fun despite the state of the world or perhaps because of it. Join us this week for an always irreverent look at the weeks news.

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  • Stadlen frightened of injuring in ring
  • Artist formerly known as Prince settles
  • What war?
  • Last teenage year for G
  • SNP now wants to road price
  • Novax stands by his principles 
  • Ottawa police chief resigns
  • Trudeau goes full fuhrer
  • An Omicron specific vax, why? 
  • 2 vaxs not enough in France anymore. 
  • mRNA and Spike found 8 weeks after injection
  • The bastard is going to jab 5-11 Yr olds
  • LA County to lift outdoor masks
  • Fitting outbreak at Darlington School 4 to hospital

Benn on twitter @DisabledJourno

Dissent Media @dissent_media

John is on twitter @chasingdissent


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Graphics – Shaun Brown

Chasing Dissent
Chasing Dissent
Never in the field of Human Conflict
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