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Bummed in a Mexican Prison

Episode 68 of a collaboration between Chasing Liberty and Dissent Media, John is back in the Chasing Liberty van in France, Benn is in England

John and Benn take an irreverent look at current events, Benn talks sense, John drinks and knows things, Back on form we have fun despite the state of the world or perhaps because of it. Join us this week for an always irreverent look at the weeks news.

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Ukraine like a combo of ‘Wag the dog’ and ‘Borat’ starring Zelensky as the comedian / good guy, Putin as the bad guy, MSM as the propaganda tools, Joe Biden as ‘the tool’ and Boris as ‘the useless idiot’

  • MSM have gone full blown propaganda
  • London goes blue and yellow
  • Zelensky is a fucking comedian
  • Daily Mail now says Sweden was right – No shit Sherlock
  • Trump was right – German deals and NATO spending
  • Hamilton weird hand tattoos
  • China announces “military exercises” in the #SouthChinaSea across a 6-nautical-mile-radius from Sunday to Tuesday.
  • A U.S. warship sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Saturday, part of what the U.S. military calls routine activity, which nonetheless irritates China.
  • If its on Tin Tok its gotta be real – Dance off
  • Draft the unvaccinated ????
  • Nicola Sturgeon’s book publisher probed by fraud cops over award of £295k taxpayers’ cash
  • Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romneys sons are all on the board of Ukraine energy companies
  • the guy with a ballistic helmet a tactical shotgun and carrying a cat and an aquarium ?
  • Ukraine conflict: Further false images shared online – BBC starts reality checking?
  • US and Canada pouring away Vodka !
  • Don’t fund Russia turn off your boiler – ffs!
  • The Russian Tie fighter Tie
  • Juju and Nuclear Shelters
  • A War so ‘deadly’ that Sean Penn can film it in action
  • Australia suspends RT broadcast
  • Ukraine air ministry posted fake air battle
  • have Ukraine been shelling the Donbas?
  • Maximum Impact – ? The bloc “prohibited to sell, supply, transfer or export, directly or indirectly, goods and technology suited for use in aviation or the space industry” to Russian companies or individuals. The ban covers products that originate both in the EU and outside.
  • Remember Zelensky arrested his main opponent and shut down media that broadcasted against him.
  • the Cambridges say they stand with a tyrant
  • WHO making moves on international vaccine ‘passport’
  • Alex predicts war in Feb – Oct 2021 clip
  • Truth is the first casualty of war
  • the Ghost of Kiev
  • Truss supports UK citizens who want to go fight in Ukraine
  • Who woke anonymous up?
  • Azov Detachment
  • Le Pen may drop out of French Election

Benn on twitter @DisabledJourno

Dissent Media @dissent_media

John is on twitter @chasingdissent


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Graphics – Shaun Brown

Chasing Dissent
Chasing Dissent
Bummed in a Mexican Prison
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